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As one of the leading American Cancer Society fundraising events, the Houston Cattle Baron’s Ball exists to further the mission of saving lives, celebrating lives, and leading the fight for a world without cancer. In over 35 years, the Houston Cattle Baron’s Ball has raised millions towards the ongoing pursuit of a cure for cancer. Each year, Houstonians and beyond gather together for a Texas-sized ball full of excitement, fundraising, and most importantly, mission. We encourage you to email cattlebaronsballhoustontx@cancer.org to learn more about how to join the fight and help us continue to make a difference!


in research grants funded at Texas Medical Institutions in the Greater Houston Area


received help through our local programs and services


were transported to their life-saving cancer treatments through our Road to
Recovery Program with 20,856 rides provided


who traveled to Houston for their life-saving cancer care received
5,983 nights of lodging through our Guest Room Program


received information through our American Cancer Society Personal Health Manager Kits


Many cancer patients face weeks or months of treatment away from home. At the same time, they often struggle to manage medical bills and other financial burdens associated with the costs of travel. Some patients even forgo treatment due to the strain of trying to find a place to stay and the cost. Located at 6801 Ardmore, conveniently near the Texas Medical Center, is the American Cancer Society’s largest living facility in the country; Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation Hope Lodge. The purpose of Hope Lodge is to provide free lodging and amenities for patients 12 and older undergoing active cancer treatment in Houston if they permanently reside 40 or more miles away. Patients must be referred by their health care provider.

More than just a roof over their heads, the 64-patient suite lodge acts as a home away from home for the patient and their family member/caregiver providing a nurturing community that helps them access the care they need. The Hope Lodge facility in Houston is funded strictly through generous community support which includes individuals, corporations and private trusts/foundations giving cancer patients and a family member/caregiver the opportunity of not having to worry about where to stay or how to pay for lodging, allowing them to focus on their health and healing. We are counting on you to be part of the Hope. Join VICTORY and the Cattle Baron’s Ball effort to leave a lasting legacy and help the lives of every cancer patient that walks through our doors with your gift.


Hope Lodge Welcome Plaza

$1 Million Dollar Commitment

Hope Lodge Floors

(Multiple Available)- $500,000 Commitment

East Kitchen/Pantry

$250,000 Commitment

Laundry Room

(Multiple Available)- $100,000 Commitment

Elevator Lobby

(Multiple Available)- $100,000 Commitment

Hope Lodge Entrance Covered Walkway

$75,000 Commitment

Patient Suites

(12 Available)- $50,000 Commitment

Garden Area Bench

(Multiple Available)- $25,000 Commitment

Ground Floor Area Bench

Multiple Available)- $25,000 Commitment

Personalized Pavers

(2 Sizes Available)- $500 or $1,500 Commitment

Cattle Baron’s Ball benefits are available with a donation of $25,000 and above to Hope Lodge through the 2022 Cattle Baron’s Ball.

American Cancer Society’s Research Investment in Texas For 2020-2023

Everyone knows someone affected by cancer. From attending the ball to purchasing a raffle ticket, get involved with Cattle Baron’s Ball however you can and help us continue making a difference! Visit American Cancer Society website to learn more.

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